Frequently Asked Questions

Tires price

Purchase conditions

The price of the tire in the advertisement is indicated per piece (pc). The price is indicated in euros. Please read the Purchase Conditions on our website before buying.

"Check availability"

In the tire advertisement, you must press the "check availability" sign, after which the location and quantity information of the tire will appear on the screen. For example: Vesse warehouse, 2 pcs. - means that the goods are in the Vesse warehouse and the quantity is 2 pcs.

Tire location

After pressing "check availability" in the advertisement, information about the availability of the tire will appear. We specify the meaning of each location:

Vesse warehouse or Vesse – the location of the tire is Vesse 4, Tallinn (Vesse outlet). Seasonal tires and rims can be purchased at the Vesse outlet in a wide range.

Working hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-19:00; Sat: 10:00-16:00 (during the season); Sun: closed.

Viimsi or Viimsi warehouse – the location of the tire is the Viimsi warehouse, address Rohuneeme road 1/7.

Note! This is a warehouse, there is no outlet. Direct tire purchase from Viimsi warehouse happens only by agreement, so please be patient if searching for goods located there and delivering them to the Vesse outlet or to the customer may take 1-3 working days longer.

Ordering goods from Viimsi warehouse Goods from Viimsi can be ordered to the Vesse outlet via email or phone or by visiting the Vesse outlet. If you order the goods during a workday by 15.00 and if there are workers present in the Viimsi warehouse on the same day, then the goods will reach the Vesse outlet by 18.00.

Also, delivering non-seasonal goods to the customer may take more time. For example, delivering summer tires during the winter season and vice versa. This is related to the specifics of storing non-seasonal goods in the Viimsi warehouse.

All individual tires are located in the Viimsi warehouse.

Warehouse – the location of the tire is another warehouse, from where the tire is transported to the Vesse outlet usually within 1-2 working days. There is no direct pickup from the warehouse, only either from the outlet or sent by transport to the customer.

On order 2 days – the tire is on order for 2 working days.

On order 3 days – the tire is on order for 3 working days.

On order – check with the tire seller how long the delivery time to Estonia is. Email address:

Note! If you wish to have the goods delivered home via transport service (Cargobus, DPD, Schenker, Venipak, courier), it adds 1-2 working days to the tire ordering time. For example, if the tire ordering time is 2 working days, it adds the courier home delivery time of 1-2 working days.

Tire quantity

By pressing the "check availability" sign, the quantity, for example, 2 pcs, will appear on the screen. Note! Pairs (2 pcs) and sets (4 pcs) of tires are not sold individually.

Repaired tires

Some used tires have undergone necessary repairs before being put up for sale. Mostly, we use patching for this, which ensures the tire's long-term and safe use. We provide a warranty for repaired tires.

In the tire advertisement "REM" mark

REM means a repaired tire. These are used or new tires that have undergone necessary repairs (patching, threading, vulcanizing) for safe use. As a general rule, the prices of repaired tires are significantly lower than regular prices.

In the tire advertisement "DOT" mark

DOT means the tire's manufacturing date. For example, if the advertisement says DOT 13 – the tire was manufactured in 2013; DOT 12 – manufactured in 2012. The prices of these tires are generally significantly lower than regular prices (discounted goods). If it says DOT 1216, it is not week and year in our data, it usually means that the tires inside may have been produced between 2012-2016. NB! The manufacturing year of used tires is never a reason for non-compliance with the tire purchase conditions or description, because we receive a lot of tires and it may happen that the warehouse worker just adds the quantity and does not check each used tire annually. We always recommend checking the dot yourself before purchasing or making an inquiry.

Demo tire

If the tire advertisement has the mark "yes" behind the demo tire, it means the tire is in good condition and has been tested for up to 20-30 km. Demo tires meet the requirements of a new tire, ensure safe driving, but the price may be lower than regular prices.


Price negotiation takes place only on-site. This especially applies to used goods, which the customer first inspects and then clarifies the price if interested in purchasing.

Telephone, email, and other communication methods do not involve price negotiation.

Does the tire price include tire change?

The tire price does not include tire services. The price list for tire services is available on our website.

What is a "like new" tire?

Rattad24 also sells goods in "like new" condition, whose wear limit is up to 1 mm from a new tire and which may have traces from use (from parking/installation, cosmetic defects, etc). Traces from the use of tires in no way endanger the consumer.

Retreaded or refurbished tire

The prices of refurbished tires are generally significantly lower than regular prices. Retreaded tires are, for example, Insa Turbo, Master, Wico.

Age of a new tire

Up to 5 years (from the manufacturing date). A tire is considered new up to 5 (five) years old, which has been properly stored. There is no restriction on the manufacturing date for tire sales (especially for used tires).

Pictures in tire advertisements

Some tire pictures may be for illustrative purposes only. When purchasing winter tires, please pay attention to the type of tire, whether it is marked as a studded or non-studded tire. Some tire manufacturers have universal pictures for winter tires, so the advertisement may only show a picture of either a studded or non-studded tire, although the product can be ordered in both variants. For example: Hankook Ipike RS, Sailun Ice Blazer WST-1, Insa Turbo etc.

Tread depth of a new tire

A new winter tire usually has a tread depth of 9-10 mm, and a summer tire 6.5-8 mm, depending on the tire manufacturer and model (low-profile and large-diameter summer tires usually have a tread depth of 6.5-7 mm).

Is a prepayment required for ordering tires?

Yes. If desired, the customer can pay in parts. For example, 50% of the amount is paid before ordering the goods, and the remaining amount upon picking up the goods. If the customer wants the goods delivered by courier service to home, the full amount must be paid before dispatch.

Is it possible to pay the invoice to the courier?

Payment to the courier does not take place.

Sending goods outside Estonia

We send goods across Europe via DPD courier service. Price list.

Reserving tires

Tires can be reserved based on a prepayment. Generally, the rule for purchasing goods is – first come, first served.

What happens if the ordered product is out of stock?

If for some reason the product is out of stock, we will contact you via communication means (email or phone) and agree on replacing the ordered product with an equivalent product or refunding the money.

Does Rattad24 have a representation in Tartu?

No. The legal address of the company is in Tartu, but the outlets are in Tallinn (Vesse 4). More outlets may be added across Estonia in the near future, see contact information for details.

When asking for a quote, please describe the desired product as precisely as possible:

Tire size, new/used tire, price range. For a definite purchase intention, also specify the tire brand and model. If you do not know the exact tire size, send us your car data: brand, model, year, engine volume, rim diameter to our email address

Where can I get more information about tires?

Additional information about some new tires can be obtained, for example, from the website Hankook Masters

Rim selection

Rattad24's rim selection is available on the website Additional information specifies the location of the rim (Vesse or on order). A quote for new alloy wheels can be requested by email.

Replica alloy rims

The selection of replica alloy rims can be viewed here. Alloy rims are on order for 3-5 working days.

How to buy rims?

Rims can be purchased on-site or by invoice (email). In the future, the rim selection will also be available in the Rattad24 online store.

Do we sell individual rims from a set?

No (the same applies to tires).

What sizes of rims and tires fit a specific car?

By entering car data (brand, year of manufacture, model, and selecting engine volume) on the website at the link, you can see the tire and rim data for the vehicle.

Does the final invoice match the quote?

The quote cannot take into account different levels of additional work (e.g., tire services, car repair). Therefore, the final invoice may differ from the quote.

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