Tuning and restyling

We can make a tuning of car chassis, engine and make your car stylish.

The word "tuning" means adaptation / adjustment. Foreign masters produce ready products to improve the appearance of the car, which give your car its own individual look. Tuning is done separately for each class / type of the car. Such work is done by special tuning studios.

Car tuning

Car tuning – changing the car in accordance with the wishes of the cars owner and the state of the car. As a result of tuning the car often changes beyond recognition: appearance, interior, engine, car body. The advantage of tuning is that you can achieve a completely unique appearance of the car.

Tuning of the engine

There is the issue of the complete or partial modification of the engine or the completing of the engine with additional details. Chip tuning means changing the electronic control unit or replacing it with a new one to increase engine power.

The most common way to increase engine power is to install a turbine. In addition, various parts are installed: crankshaft, pistons, nozzles, fuel pumps, filters etc. Incorrect installation of the system can lead to problems with the engine and gearbox. Therefore it is very important to entrust the tuning of the engine to specialists. In our team there are such a specialists!

Tuning of the chassis

Such work is the standard replacement of shock absorbers or the installation of adjustable sports shock absorbers. Replacement of rubber silentblocks for polyurethane. Low ground clearance makes the car more aerodynamic, which increases grip and improves handling.


Styling - change the design of the car in accordance with the chosen direction and style. The styling of the car is divided into two parts: factory and post-factory styles (aftermarket). Styling differs from tuning - changes do not influence the technical characteristics of the car (motorcycle). 

Other features:

  • mesh and billet
  • alloy wheels
  • aerodynamic set of spoilers (body kits) - spoilers, door and side moldings, etc.
  • rear wing
  • chrome trim

Also popular is airbrushing  - it is a coating of the car body with painting. The technique of airbrushing is follow: the desired color is applied to the surface and then a picture is drawn on it. In the end, you get a completely different unique car.

Car's interior tuning

The car's interior can be changed, for example, for sport riding (drift). The sport car's interior is not only attractive, but also functional. Such a car's interior is called "naked" (without soundproof materials). For convenience of the driver a sport steering wheel (best of all with three spokes), a special hand tip for the gearshift and a handle for the handbrake, unregulated seats with hard sides, a safety frame (driftbox), an additional equipment - turbine pressure gauge, fuel sensor, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, turbo timer, etc are installed.

Interior tuning

As a rule, supporters of this style prefer to combine functionality, originality and convenience. Opportunities of tuning of the interior:
  • racing steering wheel
  • anatomical seats
  • sound system
  • covering the interior with leather or alcantara (finishing material)
  • covering the interior with carbon fiber (tape), for example, dashboard, internal moldings, etc.
  • sports safety belts
  • additional interior lighting, for example, the dashboard, under the pedals, etc.

Presentable style

In accordance with the wishes of the car's owner, the car's interior can be transformed beyond recognition due to the presentable style. Mainly for this, expensive materials are used - genuine leather, alcantara finishing material, precious wood, metal, stone, etc. In addition, the interior of the salon can be added plasma TVs, tablets, music equipment, mini-bar, refrigerator, massage chair, phone, etc.

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